February 27, 2021

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Jessie is very much alone. She’s without friends in a new town and new school. She’s bullied. She’s misunderstood. She has only her daydreams and the fantasy novels of her favorite writer to help her cope with a life of fear and sadness. And then one day, fantasy becomes reality. Or does it? What does it all mean? Jessie’s journey will change everything—including a lost soul she’ll encounter in the heart of a dark forest. 

K. W. Hiles is a pen name used by the married writing team of Kim and Will Hiles. They live in Round Rock, Texas, with their son Nate and two cats. 

Kim shares her story honestly and authentically. Her trials and tribulations are inspirations from the heart. In 1992 Kim Hiles made a choice to surrender that which was no longer working in her life. And in 1994 Kim was guided to a philosophy which helped change her life. She has had such profound shifts in perception in which great healing and positive change has occurred. Kim has personally overcome addiction, commitment/intimacy issues, victimization, severe anxiety and depression. Described as a “sensitive,” Kim can feel what is going on under the layers and behind our masks. Sit back, and enjoy the ride. Her life is an inspiration to all those suffering despair. Kim is currently married and living in Texas with her husband, son and animal companions. She is a P.E.teacher, communicator, healer and survivor. 




CLICK HERE TO VIEW COURSE: https://www.shamanicpassagesinstitute.com/courses/living-for-the-soul
CLICK HERE TO VIEW COURSE: https://www.shamanicpassagesinstitute.com/courses/the-soulmate-s-path

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