Love is all there is….

Zelda, my Mirror

Self doubt is a perilous thing.  It seeps in, without us even being aware, causing confusion and mayhem.  Being in a contained room with my recently spayed Zelda is teaching me a lot about myself.  It’s the ole mirror mirror… Read More ›

Run From Intimacy

Relationships and friendships have mostly been a disaster. As a young girl, I preferred a close friend over many. However, jealousy, feelings of disappointment, sensitivity, feelings of unworth and not a part of, however, went hand in hand.   Whether friend… Read More ›

Just do a RE-DO!

Whether we are talking about children or our own partnerships, sometimes a major reaction/event can be as easy as doing a re-do. We all get triggered and sometimes find ourselves exploding over little things (in the grand scheme of life)…. Read More ›

Soulmate’s Path

Whether you desire a relationship, want to improve your current one or you are just plain confused, this course can help you gain clarity and the relationship of your dreams. The Soulmate’s Path #peforthesoul #shamanicpassagesinstitute #soulmates