A blinkA woman, old and graySitting in a chair overlooking the lake A blinkRunning through the fieldsDon’t let the bees stingDidn’t have a chance A blinkPlaying an instrumentSitting on a fenceNeighbor parents watching the show A blinkOld and contentMemory fadingA… Read More ›

Rise Up!

I’ve decided to stop starting my day with a news commentary and instead turn on my dance playlist, while I jog. As I continued to feel anger, discontent, anxiety, again I had to get back to basics. Listening to my… Read More ›

Just do a RE-DO!

Whether we are talking about children or our own partnerships, sometimes a major reaction/event can be as easy as doing a re-do. We all get triggered and sometimes find ourselves exploding over little things (in the grand scheme of life)…. Read More ›