A blinkA woman, old and graySitting in a chair overlooking the lake A blinkRunning through the fieldsDon’t let the bees stingDidn’t have a chance A blinkPlaying an instrumentSitting on a fenceNeighbor parents watching the show A blinkOld and contentMemory fadingA… Read More ›


This weed flower (and it’s unique strength) I saw this morning reminded me of a poem titled “Perception” I wrote in 1996: we walk thru the fieldsand all we see are the weedsgrowing, expandingspreading through all of the landuntil that… Read More ›


There is this box at times I find myself in it is not anything planned but the lid just opens…and somehow I find myself in I have had my box since being a little girl it called to me… told… Read More ›


They came in flocks. It all started long ago in a quiet sleepy town. Lizbeth was an innocent, a babe thrown into the wild and chaos of earth. Nobody really knows exactly what happened. But one crisp, blue morning, a… Read More ›