The woman next door

During this 2020 pandemic, I’ve been home. I’ve spent the majority of my time on my back porch, with my new rescue dog, Zelda. I smiled every time my neighbor came outside, yelling at Leo to go potty. Her sass,… Read More ›

I’m here!

A month ago, I looked at all of my problems, issues, and the anger continued to build. When I picked up an Eckhart Tolle book and started really practicing the tools, I looked at my problems with full acceptance, then… Read More ›

Zelda, my Mirror

Self doubt is a perilous thing.  It seeps in, without us even being aware, causing confusion and mayhem.  Being in a contained room with my recently spayed Zelda is teaching me a lot about myself.  It’s the ole mirror mirror… Read More ›


This whole pandemic, getting a rescue dog, other concerns I had . . . I was filled with intense anxiety. I started spiraling into that dark place, the place my shadow lives. It is an indescribable and lonely place filled… Read More ›