I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe. . . Breathe they say. So I try. Sometimes another tack is needed. Today I got down on my hands and knees and played with my dog, puppy style, in the back yard. It’s a joyful experience… Read More ›

Rise Up!

I’ve decided to stop starting my day with a news commentary and instead turn on my dance playlist, while I jog. As I continued to feel anger, discontent, anxiety, again I had to get back to basics. Listening to my… Read More ›

Zelda, my Mirror

Self doubt is a perilous thing.  It seeps in, without us even being aware, causing confusion and mayhem.  Being in a contained room with my recently spayed Zelda is teaching me a lot about myself.  It’s the ole mirror mirror… Read More ›


This whole pandemic, getting a rescue dog, other concerns I had . . . I was filled with intense anxiety. I started spiraling into that dark place, the place my shadow lives. It is an indescribable and lonely place filled… Read More ›

Pandemic Ponderings

When you feel unlovable it hits you like a sledge hammer knocking you to the ground. You instantly connect and remember every time you felt rejected, abandoned, left behind, ignored. You also remembered the times you pushed people away as… Read More ›