Get up, get out and do something fun

No more distractions

Have you ever noticed that when you are most judgmental, non-forgiving and blaming, it is because you are simply unhappy? And why are you unhappy? Is it because you are living inauthentically? When you return those blaming and pointing fingers… Read More ›

Labels limit us

I could have been labeled OCD, ADD, Seasonal Effective Disorder, Emotionally Disturbed…thank God I was not. Although a psychiatrist once described me as such, and names can help us understand and feel understood, to label is to define and limit… Read More ›


Your childhood is controlled by others. Your teenage years are spent rebelling against the control. Your 20s are out of control!! Your 30s bring back sanity and stability. Settling down starts to seem appealing. Your 40s bring questions…is this it?… Read More ›